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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ittle Dew - Ouya Jewels

Today was a pretty big day for OUYA, with the official announcement of support from the popular XBMC app. But enough with all this media stuff, where are the games? Real, great-looking games are definitely coming to OUYA, but they're not getting any attention. So, here's one OUYA game that's shooting for launch that you probably haven't seen yet: Ittle Dew.

You can probably tell just by looking that they're taking quite a bit of inspiration from the Zelda series, but brushing it off as a clone would be a mistake. This game's being made by Ludosity & Daniel Remar, who have put out a number of well-loved indie hits, including Iji, Hero Core, and Bob Came In Pieces, and they're putting all that experience & talent into making Ittle Dew something really special. It has a style all its own that really shines through.

But it's not just great art style that this game is bringing. Tricky gameplay abounds. Ittle Dew looks to be putting a lot of focus on making this more than just a simple action RPG, by giving the player a variety of powers, like fire & ice wands, so you can really play around with the enemies and the environment. I could talk more, but here, just watch this video:

Ittle Dew is releasing for other platforms this fall, so Ludosity is hoping to have the OUYA version ready for the March launch next year. I don't know about you, but this game is looking like a day one purchase to me.

If you're looking for more confirmed OUYA games, look no further than the "Upcoming OUYA Games" link in the top right of this page. That list is updated many times daily and I guarantee it's the best repository of the OUYA's line-up you're gonna find online. If you have something there that I've missed, though, feel free to tweet me @bluecollarart and tell me what's up!

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