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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Brazil's Indie Scene Brings it to OUYA!

Brazilian OUYA Games

You may not have heard of many game developers from Brazil, but they exist! Games like the amazing upcoming "Dungeonland" for PC (video), mobile MOBA "Legendary Heroes", and deliciously addictive "Monster Cube" (video) all came out of Brazil.

OUYA has some great games coming for it from Brazil, too. Let's take a look!

Aritana and the Chieftan’s Disease

Aritana - twitter - Website
Status: Confirmed - Source (Portuguese-only)

Aritana is a Unity game coming to OUYA, taking inspiration from Brazil's native culture. While most of the game is a well done, attractive sidescrolling platformer (video), where the game really shines is the bonus levels, where it turns into a crazy 3D planetscape, almost like a simpler Super Mario Galaxy. The devs have a bunch of videos on YouTube, so check them out if you're interested.

Talbot’s Odyssey

Studio Miniboss - twitter - Website
Status: Very Likely - Source

Miniboss is quickly becoming one of my favorite Brazilian Indies. They're strongly interested in bringing their upcoming game "Talbot's Odyssey" to the OUYA. It's a 2D platforming adventure, with loads of charm and beautiful art. Miniboss has a ton of other great titles to bring over, too. Just check out their latest release, "Out There Somewhere" (video), or their upcoming rhythm-roguelike "Deepest Dungeons of Doom" (link). Both of those games use engines that can export to Android, so ask Miniboss if you want to see them on OUYA!


Joymasher - twitter - Website
Status: Likely - Source

Oniken is a very retro action-platformer. Think Ninja Gaiden. It doesn't have fancy particle effects or realistic shadows, but the pixel art is nothing to scoff at. Joymasher's very interested in the OUYA, and the engine Oniken uses has a tool coming out soon to port games to Android. As long as that tool works out, they say they'll port Oniken. It's for sale right now for PC on Desura for $5, but there's a free demo if you want to check it out. (link) Joymasher is a great studio with tons of talented people, like Thais Weiller, who has released a number of great games of her own, so if Oniken works out, they have plenty more to offer.

I also want to mention TawStudio. Check out their games here:
"Jelly Escape" (play)is a fantastic platformer along the lines of Super Meat Boy or VVVVVV. I'm looking forward to their next game, Bree+, even more. They haven't confirmed either game yet, but they backed OUYA and said that they "have plans" for the system.

Update: Total screw-up! Goodhustle is not Brazilian. Totally my fault. I'll move this section into its own page.
Beast Boxing Turbo - Goodhustle Studios - twitter - Website
Status: Confirmed - Source

Goodhustle's working on a full-fledged PC sequel to their iOS game "Beast Boxing 3D". Just like the original, it's a stylish, full-3D boxing game with a fantasy twist. I haven't played the original, but watch the video for some great gameplay footage. They specifically said they've worked hard to make great gamepad controls. Goodhustle backed OUYA by ordering a developer unit, set to arrive in December. Hopefully that'll give them time to get Beast Boxing Turbo ready for launch.

I didn't really know Brazil had an indie game dev scene a week ago. The websites and info are all there, but it's in Portuguese. Luckily, a few friendly Brazilians tipped me off to the cool things coming from that scene. Indie gaming is the future for Brazil, and every country that lacks large game studios. PC is a great platform for them, and I hope OUYA will be, too. If we're lucky, these developers are just the tip of a huge wave of Brazilian talent bringing us some awesome games.

Anyway, I'm not only interested in Brazil. If you know someone working on an OUYA game that I don't already have in my library, let me know!


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